Dean O'Banion slaying in Chicago Tribune Nov.11,1924
Chicago Tribune April 28,1926. Prosecutor William McSwiggin is killed
Chicago Daily News  Feb.14th,1929.
July 25,1926 Al Capone surrenders to the law and is wanted for McSwiggin murder.
Investigation on Capone rackets September 13,1930

September 26,1930 police raid Capone gang and come across police document.

Dec. 19,1930
May 2,1931 U.S. indicts Capone men on various charges
June 15, 1931. Capone decides on whether or not to plead guilty and receive less time
October 8,1931 five witnesses appear
Feb. 14, 1932
 Gang bigwigs who rose to the top and fell from being arrested or murdered.
Newspaper stories wanting Al Capone to be put away for good.
October 6,1931
Capone's trial begins
October 24,1931 Capone is convicted
Chicago Daily News May 2,1932 Capone's lawyers try to stall their clients departure to the Atlanta penitentiary.
May 11,1933
Capone's crime syndicate still casts shadow over Chicago.
May 12, 1933
St. Valentine's Day Massacre made Capone king.
Chicago Daily News May 4,1932
Chicago American January 25,1947
Capone is dying of syphilis. Chicago American January 25,1947
October 24, 1931
Capone is sentenced to 11 Years

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